Michael O’Neal

Ian Doughty

Michael O’Neal has done dozens of films, television, commercials, and modeling spots as well as live theatre in numerous cities and countries. He also is a professional writer of horror, speculative fiction, and fantasy as well as screenplays and poetry & has been published both at home and overseas in many magazines, anthologies, and chapbooks. Several of his scripts have been produced, most notably Out The Game & The Dissection Table, as well as his stage plays, such as Nuthouse & Soul. Along side acting & writing, he holds a fourth degree black belt in Kama Bushi Kai, founded by the late David Baize, which is a mixture of Jeet Kune Do, Shotokan, Aikido & Kickboxing with an emphasis on practical street-fighting & military close encounter applications. This training has aided him in doing many of his own stunts & he has been choreographing fight scenes both on film & during live performances with weapons & hand-to-hand techniques for many years. In his spare time, he delves into his artwork, paintings, and sculptures.