Director’s Statement

“Write what you know.” “Make the scary movie that scares you.” “The only thing anyone wants to read is what haunts your soul.” all words read or said to me that had the most resonance since I’ve started this journey on my debut feature film.

After going through my own “DJ career” meltdown in 2004 I found redemption in an old friend, Cinema, most significantly, horror cinema. Like an addict, I searched for the safest near death experience in the confines of my own home theater. In that, I not only found myself, but the pure beauty and art in filmmaking from the likes of auteur’s Dario Argento, Roman Polanski, Stanley Kubrick and Alejandro Jordowowsy to name a few. Originally I intended to write, direct and score a modest entry level “slasher film” but the deeper I dove into researching the themes of my story; psychoanalysis, spirituality and pop culture, I couldn’t deny my drive to not only crack a personal code, but the fictional psychological horror mystery that is THE RED MAN.

After several telling music and video projects with partner and muse Dan Diamond, it was undeniable to me that the themes within those early works were the foundation of The Red Man film. Part fiction, part autobiographical, part exploitation, it’s aim is to not only entertain, but to find its connection with resonating viewers.

The Red Man is not only a personal film, but I feel a universal story. The awakening of a searching soul striving to know the answers to life’s most mysterious questions. Why am I here? What is my destiny? What’s on the other side of that rainbow? Although personally an optimist, the film sticks to its horror-mystery path, leading our protagonist to his own nefarious fate.

– Jimmie Gonzalez