The Characters

Evan Gough

Daniel David Diamond

Evan Gough was nineteen years old when he caught the DJ bug. It was 1999, right at the end of the golden age of rave. Many artists found themselves at a crossroads between commercial success, or staying true to their underground roots in house, techno, and drum and bass. 

His first encounters with this music had him exploring his dark side. Evan fell in love with artists such as Nitzer Ebb, Plastikman, The Prodigy and KMFDM. He was content. He was at peace with his new found art. But after a horrific family tragedy, when most would abandon their dreams, Evan propelled forward.

He was signed to the top DJ and electronic music agency on the planet; The Apelsin Agency. He was on the top EDM record label of the time: Express Music. Evan, who was now known to the world as superstar DJ Evan Go, made it to the forefront, internationally, of the exploding world of electronic music. 

Dr. Ernesto Verde

Daniel Faraldo

An immigrant of Oeiras Portugal, Dr. Ernesto Verde earned his degree in psychiatry at the University Of Lisbon in 1974. In 1988, after holding a successful practice in his native country for several years, he moved to the United States following fellow alumni pharmacologist and friend Dr. Rufino Vermelho of Vermelho Pharmaceuticals. Quickly adapting to American life, Dr. Verde became known as the psychiatrist to the stars. He is rumored to have treated some of the world’s most celebrated artists, actors and musicians.

Ian Doughty

Michael O’Neal

Ian Doughty (born June 6, 1980) is an American DJ/producer better known to the DJ community as DJ ID. Doughty rose to prominence as industrial techno music’s bad boy. As a teenager, Doughty frequently ran into trouble with the law. Shortly after graduating from high school he was arrested for drug possession. He found himself in and out of jail while aspiring and struggling to make it in the music business. Despite his own addictions, his talent carried him forth to enable him to capitalize on the emerging electronic music movement, which keeps him working to this day.

Eve Woodhouse

Lindsay Naves

Born and raised in New York City, Eve Woodhouse, the daughter to renowned politician Adrian Woodhouse, and granddaughter to the late great American actor Guy Woodhouse, had aspirations far different from her famous family. After graduating with top honors at Manhattan’s Chapin School for Girls, Eve, at eighteen years old, moved to San Francisco where she entered Berkeley University’s psychology program. In the fall of 2013 she moved on after accepting an internship at the highly competitive and infamous psychiatric practice headed by Dr. Ernesto Verde.